CATIC Business Solutions

CATIC Business Solutions

At CATIC we are committed to providing our agents with the resources they need to grow their businesses and make their lives easier.  That is why we are continuously providing you with new products and services.

CATIC offers professional, confidential bookkeeping services with a personal touch through CATIC Business Solutions (CBS), helping you to reduce your risk and giving you time to promote growth in your company.

CBS Services:

  • Perform timely bank account reconciliations
  • Increase control through segregation of duties
  • Detailed summary reports listing items that need immediate attention
  • The monthly reconciliation services for CATIC agents will be in accordance with CATIC's established reconciliation guidelines

Contact us today at 1-800-842-2216 or to learn more or click here for a summary of this service.

CATIC Business Solutions

"Your team was able to tailor a solution for our firm and reconcile our accounts without missing a beat."

Right where you need us

With offices in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, local knowledge of the community means we're on the ground and ready to help.

Our sister company, CATIC, is licensed throughout the East.