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Best Practices Certification

Lenders and consumers can be assured that CATIC Title agents who have been vetted and certified through this program have implemented all of ALTA’s Best Practices.

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Looking to know your title insurance cost on your property? With CATIC Title’s rate calculator, you can provide your client with all their costs at closing.

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CPL Verification

Just another service CATIC Title offers to help you feel secure in your closing. 

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Endorsement & Policy Requests

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Let’s Go Virtual.

Remote Online Notarization (RON) is a process of notarizing a document in a digital, online platform while the notary and the signer are in different physical locations.

RON involves electronic documents executed by the signer using electronic signatures and notarized electronically using an electronic version of any required stamp or seal.

Closing Breakdown

There are many different types of closings, and the availability will vary depending on the state you’re conducting the closing in. Here is a quick overview for reference:

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TRADITIONAL CLOSING  - The process of executing paper documents using wet signatures and wet notarization.

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HYBRID CLOSING - A closing process during which certain documents, typically the deed and loan documents, are printed to paper and wet-signed while other documents throughout the process are signed electronically.

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IN-PERSON ELECTRONIC NOTARIZATION (IPEN) - The process of a document being executed in a digital form with the notary electronically notarizing the document while in the same physical location as the signer.

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REMOTE ONLINE NOTARIZATION (RON) - The process of using video and audio technology over the internet to conduct a notarization while the signer and the notary are in separate physical locations.

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REMOTE INK NOTARIZATION (RIN) - A COVID-19 emergency measure that allows a notary to observe over video conference a signer in a different physical location executing a document using wet ink signatures. The document is then delivered to the notary for wet notarization using any state-required ink stamp or seal.


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